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You have multiple options under Michigan and federal laws to stop foreclosure and keep your home.

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Overwhelming debt causes stress and uncertainty that can have serious consequences for you and your family relationships. If you are having personal financial trouble, it is difficult to meet your obligations now and nearly impossible to plan for the future. We provide bankruptcy help for individuals in the Detroit metro area and surrounding neighborhoods.
If you need a bankruptcy attorney, we have been helping clients with consumer bankruptcy for more than 25 years. We will evaluate your situation, explain your options, and help you determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right solution to your financial situation. Making the decision to file bankruptcy can stop foreclosure, stop garnishments and get a fresh start.
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For many people today, despite their best intentions, credit cards hit their limit and debt becomes out of control. Perhaps you are dealing with debt collectors, threat of home foreclosure, auto repossession, IRS collections, wage garnishments or lawsuits. We can help you make a better future. Debt Relief Centers has the skills, knowledge and expertise to guide you through the bankruptcy process and help you become debt-free while at the same time allowing you to maintain your dignity.